Sunday, October 5, 2014

PSV 3.30 Statement

I've just read Wololo's recent article about how the actual 3.30 firmware for SONY's PlayStation VITA changed a lot of things in the scene. Please read it before this post, as I won't sum up everything again here.

Many patches prevent current hacks and exploits to be used on firmware 3.30.
But the question is: "Do we really need 3.30?"

If you waited your whole life for theme-support on the PSV, then you probably do need it. But that's not the case for the majority in my view. The scene should now finally focus on one firmware which is 3.18.

WebKit, PKG Installer and PSP Emu exploits on this firmware give us all opportunities required to develop a decent homebrew-enabled and native hackable system. Updating the operating system can be targeted at a later time, just like it was done for the PS3.

It's kind of useless to play SONY's cat and mouse game and re-develop PSP emulator exploits for every firmware just to wait for the next patch again.

And for those who still care about 3.30 - Yes, I can confirm the PKG Installer is still working on it.
An even more interesting information for you might be that there is a way to install PKG files without even touching the PKG Installer application :)

Good luck and stay focused,