Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Research on Free Mobile Internet *UPDATED*

Mobile phone providers limit your bandwidth, offer you overpriced access to slow mobile internet or
screw you in several other aspects. Many people are mad about this and the older generation
might remember how easy it was to get many services like free phoning etc for free in the 90's.

In my last holiday I encountered a situation where my mobile internet connection failed because
of some provider bug. After researching the cause of this I found a quite interesting vulnerability which allowed me to develop a simple PoC to come into the enjoyment of free mobile internet.

When I was back home, I ported the PoC to my country's provider and developed a simple
application to speed up the whole exploitation process. 

Now I am on the search for sponsors to fund required hardware for the development of the 
vulnerability in more and more countries. If you are interested in sponsoring this research
feel free to contact me via e-mail: skfuinfo@gmail.com. Mobile internet providers and journalists are welcome as well :)

Beta testers are NOT required. I appreciate your offered help, but please understand that I only choose people for testings which I know anyway since a leak of the vulnerability may directly force providers to change their system and improve their security before the research is finalized.