Monday, March 26, 2012

SKFU's V.I.T.A. Contest - inVent Ideas To Applications

Inspired by the very good weather we start this nice little contest.

Post your  ideas for new PS VITA related applications on the following Facebook site: CLICK. The best idea which is chosen by the most "like it"'s will be developed (if technically possible) and the inVentor of the idea wins Blazblue Continuum Shift Extended for the PS VITA.

My well informed sponsor GAMEFREAX joined the action and sponsors an official PS VITA bag for the winner !

If there are 2 very good ideas and iQD and me like both a lot, we can play our joker and the second best idea will be developed aswell. Surely the inventor of this idea won't go home with empty hands and wins
a copy of Little Deviants :)

The rules are simple:

  • no updates/extensions for old apps
  • no clones of existing apps
  • no piracy

The contest timerange is 1 week, until the 1st April.

We're curious about your ideas!

- SKFU & iQD

Sunday, March 25, 2012

SKFU's VITA Pr0xy 1.01

Minor update for SKFU's VITA Pr0xy.

Added features:
  • Save Settings
  • Clear Logs clears Last Request
Download: CLICK

Have a nice day,


Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Silent VITA PKG Install Block

When I researched game updates a while ago, it was pretty basic to redirect the URL of the package to any .pkg-file which I wanted to install. Sadly now it is not anymore.

The old patch progress worked as I described here:

The new patch progress is nearly the same, but has a major security difference. The pkg file which is preloaded  to check for an update now contains checks of the expected update package file (if there is one available).

This means it is not possible anymore to redirect a package file to install another.

The only chance is, that someone saved one of the old package files, so we could override this aswell and use the old patch progress again. Due my HDD crash I lost my copy, so if anyone saved an older preloaded patch pkg let me know :)

The actual Ridge Racer preload patch pkg is stored here btw:


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

SKFU's Vita Pr0xy - Beta Release

This is the release of SKFU's VITA Pr0xy!

This application in beta stage currently has the following features:

  • Proxy especially for PS VITA, but surely works for anything
  • Filters especially for PlayStation Network traffic
  • Automatic fixes of misformated URL's
  • Raw data, DNS, and URL replacement 
  • "Last request" fast access
  • SSL support
  • Save Logs

Please be sure as always to have the Visual C++ 2008 redistributables and OpenSSL, both 32-bit version installed correctly on your computer.

Download: CLICK

Thanks for your great support!


Monday, March 19, 2012

PSN INFINITY v2 - 1.01

For all the people who had problems with the login function this release should fix it.

 Download: CLICK

Enjoy and thanks for all people who donated and support us!


Sunday, March 18, 2012

PSN INFINITY v2 - Open Beta

Good evening, everyone!

Proudly I present you my newest application "PSN Infinity v2".

Since in most news posts my co-coder genius iQD is forgotten, I have to mention him for his great help on this application here once again.

This version is released as public beta. Completing the app and including all functions I want it to have will take several weeks but the main function aka browsing the PSN stores is already working.

Download PSN INFINITY v2 (beta): CLICK

Dependencies are OpenSSL + VC Redists: DOWNLOAD

This is the first time I force a donation alert in an app, but necessary as this program is a very huge and time consuming project.

So if you like this beta, please donate a small amount to give me some more time to work on this nice project :)

I will give you a sneak preview about the functions I focus to add soon:

  • 100% PSN PC client
  • linux and MAC version
  • finish the search function
  • download PKG for guest account 
  • add comic & video stores support
  • activate/deactivate your consoles remotly
  • complete account management on PC (like on PS3)
  • change your PSN Online ID (like in japanese region accounts)
  • bring back PC to PS3 messaging (if we'll ever get xi-passphrase back)
  • etc etc etc...
If you reach error 99, please install the VC redistributables and OpenSSL.
If you find any bugs or have suggestions don't hesitate to e-mail me: (

This application is made for research and investigation.
There is no intention to use it for piracy!

Kind regards,