Thursday, November 14, 2013

PS4 - Game Dumps, HDMI Fail & more...

Sleeping sucks, you miss news of different timezones for sure. So, what did happen while I slept?

1) PS4 Game Dumps

According to an A9VG member, PS4 games can be dumped with a common PC Blu-Ray drive.

It seems that already a few games were dumped, inlcuding Killzone, Knack, Battlefield4 and AC4.

As soon as I get access to a disc or dump myself, I will do an analyse of the containing files.

For more details of the dumps, like game disc sizes and file structure please check out PS3Hax.

2) HDMI Fail

What happens if you force students to build your Next-Gen console under pressure? Well, they might return you faulty HDMI jacks.

IGN, Kotaku and many more individual users report that their PS4 video output stopped working. The console apparently is unusable for those who experienced it.

3) For those who already received a console

Sadly im still looking for a PS4 unit, if you can help me to get one contact me at

In case you got a unit for yourself, here are some examples of what has to be tested:

  • Before powering up the unit for first time, make a 1:1 dump of the HDD
    • Explore the HDD dump
  • Dump a game disc
    • Burn the dump to an empty BD
    • Check if the PS4 recognizes the disc
  • Check any files which can be transfered from PS4
    • Savegames, etc
  • Install a modified firmware
    • Use my PS4FwTool
    • Extract 2 firmwares
    • Rebuild a new firmware based on both output
    • Possible brick! Do at your own risk!
    • Recovery menu should bring you back in case of faulty firmware, but only do this if you actually are aware of the risk and know what you do!
  • Sniff anything
  • Modify the Companion Tool (iOS/Android)
    • Intercept game traffic between Companion Tool and PS4 game
  • etc.

Happy hacking,


Wednesday, November 13, 2013

PS4 US Launch Preparation

2 days left for the official PS4 launch in the USA. Sony pushing all necessary sites and files online.

1) PS4 Firmware Download

This time, SONY officially releases the firmware 1.5. Now what we know for sure are a few things:

The 0x01000000 in the SLB2 firmware container files is the SLB2 version, not the firmware version.

The prior firmware which was "leaked" is not the same as they released now. The current firmware has the version 01.501.000. The prior one had 2 different XML's files, so it's still unclear if it was 01.000.000, as the US update list said or 01.500.000, as the JP update list said.

Full MD5 list:

01.500.000 / 01.000.000 system: C64D11F839AC8628176941B99FD3670E
01.500.000 / 01.000.000 recovery: 6F4D6AFE98DD7297C70AA4D6E7E5482B

01.501.000 system: DF008B5601F4A214A3CC65030A02AC4A
01.501.000 recovery: CEDADA625478DB608D5878C019454380

2) PS4 Manuals

You can now checkout the official online manual HERE.

3) PS4 Open Source Software

The official PS4 open source page is HERE.


Thursday, November 7, 2013

Release: SKFU's Pr0xy

Recently I have read Wololo's article "Best PSP/Vita Homebrew for November 2013" and noticed that my quite old "SKFU's VITA Pr0xy" is still being used by many people.

Sadly I kinda' missed to release an updated version of my proxy software anytime. Thanks to the great feedback for my old proxy, here comes the very new one: "SKFU's Pr0xy".

I did remove the "VITA" from it's name since it changed a lot after the release of my old proxy server software, I don't want people to think it is a limited to PSV piece of software. It definitely is not!

But what it is and what it got:
  • The most user-friendly Windows Pr0xy
  • Keyword filter
  • Filter plugin support (users can create and share plugins)
  • Rules by traffic direction
  • Import & Export of rules
  • Blacklist
  • Raw data modification
  • Fast de-/encode
  • SSL Filter
  • DNS Lookup
  • and a lot more...

Note: If you choose the ZIP archive, 
please make sure to have VC Redists and Apache with OpenSSL installed!


Sunday, November 3, 2013

Release: PS4 FW Tool 1.0.0


here comes SKFU's PS4 FW Tool 1.0.0:

  • Show PS4 firmware details
  • Unpack PS4 (SLB2 container) firmware
  • Pack PS4 (SLB2 container) firmware
  • Unpack (inner) PUP
  • Pack (inner) PUP

Keep in mind that SLB2 files are the complete firmware files. SLB2 files contain PUP files. 

SONY just used the file extension ".PUP" for the actual SLB2 firmware files to make it less confusing for common users.

Download: CLICK


Tuesday, October 29, 2013

PlayStation 4 - Update File Analysis *UPDATED*

The update files were removed from the SONY update server. Since it is unclear if this was firmware version 1.00 or 1.50, let's hope there was some mistake made by SONY here which helps us in future :)
----------UPDATE END----------

Hey guys,

here comes a short analysis of the PlayStation4 update files. Available at:

Best regards,


Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Research on Free Mobile Internet *UPDATED*

Mobile phone providers limit your bandwidth, offer you overpriced access to slow mobile internet or
screw you in several other aspects. Many people are mad about this and the older generation
might remember how easy it was to get many services like free phoning etc for free in the 90's.

In my last holiday I encountered a situation where my mobile internet connection failed because
of some provider bug. After researching the cause of this I found a quite interesting vulnerability which allowed me to develop a simple PoC to come into the enjoyment of free mobile internet.

When I was back home, I ported the PoC to my country's provider and developed a simple
application to speed up the whole exploitation process. 

Now I am on the search for sponsors to fund required hardware for the development of the 
vulnerability in more and more countries. If you are interested in sponsoring this research
feel free to contact me via e-mail: Mobile internet providers and journalists are welcome as well :)

Beta testers are NOT required. I appreciate your offered help, but please understand that I only choose people for testings which I know anyway since a leak of the vulnerability may directly force providers to change their system and improve their security before the research is finalized.


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

New Blog Domain - SKFU.XXX

Since the old domain "" was stupid, long and annoying to type I just registered a new and better domain name. Please welcome:


A cool and fresh domain name for lazy people :)

Kind regards,

- SK

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

PSNSSS - patched

Dear SONY employee,

Congratulations for finding the ridiculous mistake and fixing it :) It took you guys over 1 week and probably external consultation to solve this problem. The question is why did it take so long and how was it even possible to miss this important step of security which any skiddy can setup easily?

I don't blame you since I know how large your network is, but if it takes one guy hours and one damn huge company days to find such a vulnerability, something is wrong don't cha think so?

Sadly I have to tell you that it was part of the plan, simply to check your resources and capabilities. Sorry, had to know how much time I'd possibly have to grab the data from the really interesting sources :) We both know that this part of the network won't be used for long anymore. Therefor I will switch over to the new target now and leave you a well-intentioned advice:

Do not outsource all your data storages externally, most of them are even weaker than your own spaces.

Kind regards,

- SK

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

PSNSSS - Codenames

PSNSSS development continues. Since not all products can be found via a simple search, because some have a flag which forbid to be found this way; I implemented a browsing function.

While browsing the now 522 different stores I noticed a few codenames multiple times:


It is still unknown what they mean, but based on the information gathered until now it seems those are codenames for upcoming SONY platforms. 

I hope to be able to improve the app further to get more details on this matter.


Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Game Dev Tycoon - Pirates vs. Copycats

In the past days Greenheart Games hit the news with their so sad story. Basically what they did was uploading a modified version of their game called "Game Dev Tycoon" to the torrent network and whining that thousands of players used to play this instead buying a legit copy. (READ HERE) So far so good, let's take a look at what's really behind this.

Today I BOUGHT the game to take a look if it's worth all the yellin'. Short answer: it's not.

The developers of this game are not stupid, cuz they used multiple clever ways to promote a game which is reallly not worth to be played at all.

Anyone who plays the game will notice within the first 5 minutes that the game is a lame clone of what Kairosoft made really enjoyable via "Game Dev Story" for iOS and Android. The whole gameplay system is copied and mixed with plastique style graphics instead of Pixelart. The decision to do so is clear: plastique style games are currently very popular on the PC platform (Zynga games).

Sadly "Game Dev Tycoon" is not even 1% of the fun you can have with the original Kairosoft game. Greenheart Games seems to have known that anyway, so the idea of the piracy experiment appeared which gave the game a boost of popularity it does not deserve. Greenheart Games are copycats who rip off others great ideas and try to sell it as their own new game - pirating ideas and making money with it doesn't seem much better than pirating games.

A tip for anyone who likes the genre: Buy "Game Dev Story" for your mobile, for the half of the price of "Game Dev Tycoon" and have 100 times more fun playing :)


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Internal SONY Documents Leaked

An anonymous source provided some screenshots of a recently leaked internal SONY document named "Report on Implementation of Preventing Information Leaks".

The download is provided below:



Friday, February 15, 2013

PSV Webbrowser: Commands you may not know

Like the PlayStation3, the PS VITA also has several commands implemented in it's webbrowser which can trigger several system functions. Here are a few:


This command simply shows the webbrowser memory usage. The resulting content is displayed by using the data URI scheme. (


This command supports several arguments, the most usables are:

  • psns:browse?category=
  • psns:browse?product=

By defining a category or product ID, this command will redirect you to the PSN Store and show you the chosen category/product. A few examples:

  • psns:browse?category=PN.P3.US-PN.P3.GAME.US-BASE
    • opens PS3 store US region
  • psns:browse?product=IP9100-PCSI00002_00-MUSICUNLIMITED00
    • opens Music Unlimited product

The syntax for categories works as follows:


Common Console ID's are:
  • P3 --> PS3
  • VT --> PS VITA
  • PC --> MEDIA GO / PSP
Common Store ID's are:
  • GAME


This command will inmediantly prompt you to the PSN Stores' redeem function, taking the arguments with it.


Thursday, February 14, 2013

SONY Violating LGPL

Even after several E-Mails SONY does not want to react on this case. A short summary of the violation:

SONY did release "Facebook for PlayStation VITA" several months ago. SCEE is listed as developer/publisher of the software. Once you have downloaded the app, you can view it's licenses by clicking the "?" tab in the mainscreen of the app.

 A screenshot collection of those can be found at:

Inter alia, here you can see that the open source software "Webkit" is used which is licensed as LGPL software. Like PlayStation Mobile, the PSV Webbrowser and some other software, SONY has to provide the source code of the modifications made to the LGPL software.

Normally SONY publishes source code which they are forced to share at, but as you see the Facebook app's Webkit source is missing...