Sunday, March 15, 2015

HowTo: Install PS4 Beta 2.50

Hey guys, this is just a quick tutorial to show that I'm still alive :)

Finding the 2.50 Beta PUP/Firmare was very easy. Basically every PS4 requests the beta XML file which stores the information required to get the .PUP file.

So once I spotted this XML file via SKFU's Pr0xy, I first tried to simply redirect the normal "ps4-updatelist.xml" to the beta one. This failed. Second try was to download the PUP and install it from a USB stick via the PS4's safemode. This also failed.

My last idea was to create a new "ps4-updatelist.xml" and redirect the normal one to my custom XML. This worked :) Steps to reproduce are below:

  1. Get any SKFU's Pr0xy server (
  2. Start & setup the Proxy Server on your PlayStation4
  3. Redirect "" to ""
    1. In case your from another region, change "/eu/" to your regioncode!
  4. Search for an update on your PS4
  5. Download, install and enjoy 2.50 Beta :)
    1. In case this does not work, try the installation via safemode "Update using Internet". If you have setup the proxy already, it also works in safemode.

Best regards,


Thanks to TheZ and Wololo!