Wednesday, May 22, 2013

New Blog Domain - SKFU.XXX

Since the old domain "" was stupid, long and annoying to type I just registered a new and better domain name. Please welcome:


A cool and fresh domain name for lazy people :)

Kind regards,

- SK

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

PSNSSS - patched

Dear SONY employee,

Congratulations for finding the ridiculous mistake and fixing it :) It took you guys over 1 week and probably external consultation to solve this problem. The question is why did it take so long and how was it even possible to miss this important step of security which any skiddy can setup easily?

I don't blame you since I know how large your network is, but if it takes one guy hours and one damn huge company days to find such a vulnerability, something is wrong don't cha think so?

Sadly I have to tell you that it was part of the plan, simply to check your resources and capabilities. Sorry, had to know how much time I'd possibly have to grab the data from the really interesting sources :) We both know that this part of the network won't be used for long anymore. Therefor I will switch over to the new target now and leave you a well-intentioned advice:

Do not outsource all your data storages externally, most of them are even weaker than your own spaces.

Kind regards,

- SK

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

PSNSSS - Codenames

PSNSSS development continues. Since not all products can be found via a simple search, because some have a flag which forbid to be found this way; I implemented a browsing function.

While browsing the now 522 different stores I noticed a few codenames multiple times:


It is still unknown what they mean, but based on the information gathered until now it seems those are codenames for upcoming SONY platforms. 

I hope to be able to improve the app further to get more details on this matter.


Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Game Dev Tycoon - Pirates vs. Copycats

In the past days Greenheart Games hit the news with their so sad story. Basically what they did was uploading a modified version of their game called "Game Dev Tycoon" to the torrent network and whining that thousands of players used to play this instead buying a legit copy. (READ HERE) So far so good, let's take a look at what's really behind this.

Today I BOUGHT the game to take a look if it's worth all the yellin'. Short answer: it's not.

The developers of this game are not stupid, cuz they used multiple clever ways to promote a game which is reallly not worth to be played at all.

Anyone who plays the game will notice within the first 5 minutes that the game is a lame clone of what Kairosoft made really enjoyable via "Game Dev Story" for iOS and Android. The whole gameplay system is copied and mixed with plastique style graphics instead of Pixelart. The decision to do so is clear: plastique style games are currently very popular on the PC platform (Zynga games).

Sadly "Game Dev Tycoon" is not even 1% of the fun you can have with the original Kairosoft game. Greenheart Games seems to have known that anyway, so the idea of the piracy experiment appeared which gave the game a boost of popularity it does not deserve. Greenheart Games are copycats who rip off others great ideas and try to sell it as their own new game - pirating ideas and making money with it doesn't seem much better than pirating games.

A tip for anyone who likes the genre: Buy "Game Dev Story" for your mobile, for the half of the price of "Game Dev Tycoon" and have 100 times more fun playing :)