Wednesday, November 30, 2011

PS VITA Live Area preViewer

This application is probably not of use for the community but some official PS VITA developers.

I required it just for some tests, but it would be a waste of codelines not to share it, so here it is:

PS VITA Live Area preViewer outputs various information about a game, including it's style it uses on the PS VITA.

Download: CLICK

To use it, simply choose the root folder of a PS VITA game. Then check the style in the upper right of the program which it is ment to be displayed with and choose the correct tab. All else is self-explaining.


Friday, November 25, 2011

PS VITA .pkg xTractor 1.00

After two sleepless nights and great help of iQD and PS3-690, finally the PS VITA .pkg xTractor application 1.00 is finished.

This program can decrypt & extract PS VITA game package (.pkg) files.

To use the program you need to place the PS VITA .pkg AES key in the same dir as the executable.

Funny as SONY is, they probably were to lazy to think of a new key and just used *hehe*, the PSP .pkg AES key.

Information tab not finished, yet. It will be completed in next version.

So just put the PSP .pkg AES key in hex syntax in aes.key file in the same folder and you are ready to go.

Download: CLICK

Another thing worth to mention is that thanks to GregoryRasputin the PS VITA developer wiki is now online.

For now it's near empty but I hope it will fill fast:


Thursday, November 24, 2011

PS VITA .pkg Content Structure

At the moment I try to get a first overview about all filetypes, structures and as the basic research on the firmware file (.pup) is done, I continue with PS VITA package (.pkg) files.

Due the next days I plan to open a wiki for devs about the PS VITA, then I will summarize and publish more specific information about all I my research.

For now here's an overview about the PS VITA game package file content structure:


PS VITA Firmware xTractor 2.00

And here we go with version 2.00:

As the last version was hardcoded for a specific firmware, this new version supports any PS VITA firmware file.

As well graphic bugs which appeared for some users should been fixed now.

As a little extra I implemented an information tab, which shows various info about the loaded firmware.

Information about the single files will be added in the next release, to be honest I was to lazy to implement it for now :P

In the next days I will compile it for Linux and MAC, so anyone can use it.

Download: CLICK

Thanks for the support I got, to everyone who deserves it.


Monday, November 21, 2011

PS VITA FW xTractor 1.01 update + linux version

Here a little update for the PS VITA FW xTractor:

Because of some requests I compiled a linux version.
The download is available below.

Aswell I added a simple check for the input file validation.

On linux I didnt bother to fix graphical issues, yet.

Version updated to 1.01.

Download 1.01 WIN: CLICK
Download 1.01 LNX: CLICK



Saturday, November 19, 2011

PS VITA Firmware xTractor

Since a more or less short break from public posts I am back with a little tool called "PS VITA Firmware xTractor".

For now it only works with firmware 00.945.040, tho surely I will update it sooner or later.

Just a short info about the firmware itself, it is not unencrypted like the PS3 ones.

The tool is ment for those who will join the VITA scene as a little sign that you are not alone ;-)

Crawl out of your holes and come up with your tools and research, guys! :)

I hope the PS VITA scene will not fuck up as the PS3 scene did over the last months cuz of the piracy infected environment.

If you ask anyone who was with the beginning of the PS3 scene it was much more fun without the commercial sense behind it all.

Without this shit it would even have saved many talented people of a lot of trouble.

Nevertheless I hope to see the good guys back @ VITA!

Download: CLICK

Greetz to the ones who kept it real,