Saturday, August 8, 2015

Release: SKFU's Pr0xy³

3 years after "SKFU's Vita Pr0xy" and 2 years after "SKFU's Pr0xy", I've decided to continue it's success story and update it once again. Please welcome back: SKFU's Pr0xy³

It's more than just a Proxy Server. With the implementation of a Web Server, a DNS Server and a Dump Server, you can work a lot faster and don't have to use multiple tools for network research.

The Web Server now provides a way to redirect requests to local files without the need for Apache or similar. The DNS Server and it's functions greatly improve the possibilities you have. The XBOX ONE for example does not support proxy servers - use the DNS Server to redirect requests!

The Dump Server may be useful for anyone who wants to quickly send data from a browser to your desktop. You don't have to upload it somewhere, just create a websocket client and send it to the Dump Server. Surely also useful for working with WebKit exploits! :)

The changelog is quite huge, so I'll only list the major updates here:

  • Implemented a HTTP Web Server
    • Works standalone or as local file redirection support for Proxy Server
  • Implemented a DNS Server
    • Redirect requests to IP or domain
    • Forward requests
    • Blacklist requests
  • Implemented a Dump Server
    • Receives dumps via WebSocket
    • Built-in hex editor
    • Save to file
    • Send commands to client
  • Treeview for Proxy Server logs
    • Quick clicks (direct search and direct open)
  • Design / icon updates
  • Settings updated
  • Encode / Decode tool improved
    • MD4, MD5, SHA1, SHA224-512, SHA3_224-512
  • Major backend update
    • Qt 5.5
    • Faster loading times
    • Less space requirements
    • Dependency strips
    • 100% cross-platform code
    • Update notifications

If you have some clever feature idea or found a bug, let me know!

Download (Win32): CLICK

I hope you like it,