Thursday, November 14, 2013

PS4 - Game Dumps, HDMI Fail & more...

Sleeping sucks, you miss news of different timezones for sure. So, what did happen while I slept?

1) PS4 Game Dumps

According to an A9VG member, PS4 games can be dumped with a common PC Blu-Ray drive.

It seems that already a few games were dumped, inlcuding Killzone, Knack, Battlefield4 and AC4.

As soon as I get access to a disc or dump myself, I will do an analyse of the containing files.

For more details of the dumps, like game disc sizes and file structure please check out PS3Hax.

2) HDMI Fail

What happens if you force students to build your Next-Gen console under pressure? Well, they might return you faulty HDMI jacks.

IGN, Kotaku and many more individual users report that their PS4 video output stopped working. The console apparently is unusable for those who experienced it.

3) For those who already received a console

Sadly im still looking for a PS4 unit, if you can help me to get one contact me at

In case you got a unit for yourself, here are some examples of what has to be tested:

  • Before powering up the unit for first time, make a 1:1 dump of the HDD
    • Explore the HDD dump
  • Dump a game disc
    • Burn the dump to an empty BD
    • Check if the PS4 recognizes the disc
  • Check any files which can be transfered from PS4
    • Savegames, etc
  • Install a modified firmware
    • Use my PS4FwTool
    • Extract 2 firmwares
    • Rebuild a new firmware based on both output
    • Possible brick! Do at your own risk!
    • Recovery menu should bring you back in case of faulty firmware, but only do this if you actually are aware of the risk and know what you do!
  • Sniff anything
  • Modify the Companion Tool (iOS/Android)
    • Intercept game traffic between Companion Tool and PS4 game
  • etc.

Happy hacking,


Wednesday, November 13, 2013

PS4 US Launch Preparation

2 days left for the official PS4 launch in the USA. Sony pushing all necessary sites and files online.

1) PS4 Firmware Download

This time, SONY officially releases the firmware 1.5. Now what we know for sure are a few things:

The 0x01000000 in the SLB2 firmware container files is the SLB2 version, not the firmware version.

The prior firmware which was "leaked" is not the same as they released now. The current firmware has the version 01.501.000. The prior one had 2 different XML's files, so it's still unclear if it was 01.000.000, as the US update list said or 01.500.000, as the JP update list said.

Full MD5 list:

01.500.000 / 01.000.000 system: C64D11F839AC8628176941B99FD3670E
01.500.000 / 01.000.000 recovery: 6F4D6AFE98DD7297C70AA4D6E7E5482B

01.501.000 system: DF008B5601F4A214A3CC65030A02AC4A
01.501.000 recovery: CEDADA625478DB608D5878C019454380

2) PS4 Manuals

You can now checkout the official online manual HERE.

3) PS4 Open Source Software

The official PS4 open source page is HERE.


Thursday, November 7, 2013

Release: SKFU's Pr0xy

Recently I have read Wololo's article "Best PSP/Vita Homebrew for November 2013" and noticed that my quite old "SKFU's VITA Pr0xy" is still being used by many people.

Sadly I kinda' missed to release an updated version of my proxy software anytime. Thanks to the great feedback for my old proxy, here comes the very new one: "SKFU's Pr0xy".

I did remove the "VITA" from it's name since it changed a lot after the release of my old proxy server software, I don't want people to think it is a limited to PSV piece of software. It definitely is not!

But what it is and what it got:
  • The most user-friendly Windows Pr0xy
  • Keyword filter
  • Filter plugin support (users can create and share plugins)
  • Rules by traffic direction
  • Import & Export of rules
  • Blacklist
  • Raw data modification
  • Fast de-/encode
  • SSL Filter
  • DNS Lookup
  • and a lot more...

Note: If you choose the ZIP archive, 
please make sure to have VC Redists and Apache with OpenSSL installed!


Sunday, November 3, 2013

Release: PS4 FW Tool 1.0.0


here comes SKFU's PS4 FW Tool 1.0.0:

  • Show PS4 firmware details
  • Unpack PS4 (SLB2 container) firmware
  • Pack PS4 (SLB2 container) firmware
  • Unpack (inner) PUP
  • Pack (inner) PUP

Keep in mind that SLB2 files are the complete firmware files. SLB2 files contain PUP files. 

SONY just used the file extension ".PUP" for the actual SLB2 firmware files to make it less confusing for common users.

Download: CLICK