Tuesday, April 26, 2011

PSN Hack Information

The PSN is down, all accounts got dumped by an anonymous hacker and the community is cryin' for answers. 77 million accounts with password and sometimes CC info are worth a lot in several hack chans. This is a very huge case.

Now SONY engaged an external security company to discover the holes in SONY's system and find answers. As I was wondering if there may be some information about the actual case we can find out publically, I researched a bit myself.

One interesting point I found is a not secured access log of a PSN environment.
You will quickly notice the IP, which sends requests like a vulnerability scanner.
The IP points to the DoD Network Information Center, based in Ohio USA.

The first log entry of this IP is [03/Mar/2011:07:10:38 -0800]. As the DoD is knows as beeing easy to hack, the anonymous hacker could have used this as proxy.

Maybe SONY might want to take a look at this IP, I hope soon we get some news and details about the case...