Wednesday, November 13, 2013

PS4 US Launch Preparation

2 days left for the official PS4 launch in the USA. Sony pushing all necessary sites and files online.

1) PS4 Firmware Download

This time, SONY officially releases the firmware 1.5. Now what we know for sure are a few things:

The 0x01000000 in the SLB2 firmware container files is the SLB2 version, not the firmware version.

The prior firmware which was "leaked" is not the same as they released now. The current firmware has the version 01.501.000. The prior one had 2 different XML's files, so it's still unclear if it was 01.000.000, as the US update list said or 01.500.000, as the JP update list said.

Full MD5 list:

01.500.000 / 01.000.000 system: C64D11F839AC8628176941B99FD3670E
01.500.000 / 01.000.000 recovery: 6F4D6AFE98DD7297C70AA4D6E7E5482B

01.501.000 system: DF008B5601F4A214A3CC65030A02AC4A
01.501.000 recovery: CEDADA625478DB608D5878C019454380

2) PS4 Manuals

You can now checkout the official online manual HERE.

3) PS4 Open Source Software

The official PS4 open source page is HERE.