Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Silent VITA PKG Install Block

When I researched game updates a while ago, it was pretty basic to redirect the URL of the package to any .pkg-file which I wanted to install. Sadly now it is not anymore.

The old patch progress worked as I described here:

The new patch progress is nearly the same, but has a major security difference. The pkg file which is preloaded  to check for an update now contains checks of the expected update package file (if there is one available).

This means it is not possible anymore to redirect a package file to install another.

The only chance is, that someone saved one of the old package files, so we could override this aswell and use the old patch progress again. Due my HDD crash I lost my copy, so if anyone saved an older preloaded patch pkg let me know :)

The actual Ridge Racer preload patch pkg is stored here btw: