Saturday, November 19, 2011

PS VITA Firmware xTractor

Since a more or less short break from public posts I am back with a little tool called "PS VITA Firmware xTractor".

For now it only works with firmware 00.945.040, tho surely I will update it sooner or later.

Just a short info about the firmware itself, it is not unencrypted like the PS3 ones.

The tool is ment for those who will join the VITA scene as a little sign that you are not alone ;-)

Crawl out of your holes and come up with your tools and research, guys! :)

I hope the PS VITA scene will not fuck up as the PS3 scene did over the last months cuz of the piracy infected environment.

If you ask anyone who was with the beginning of the PS3 scene it was much more fun without the commercial sense behind it all.

Without this shit it would even have saved many talented people of a lot of trouble.

Nevertheless I hope to see the good guys back @ VITA!

Download: CLICK

Greetz to the ones who kept it real,